Stationary block machine mod. RD1053


Semiautomatic block making machine with accessory device for the finishing top layer. Reliable, sturdy, fast (140-180 cycles per hour) semiautomatic and featuring brand new patented technological solutions, RD1053 has a great value for money appeal. The availability of a non-resident, user-friendly accessory for the top finishing layer makes it the ideal entry for the medium industrial production of concrete single or double layer items of variable height ranging from 4 to 30 cm.


Hourly production






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Plant example:



Cadonà production choices are rooted in a simple observation: fully automated plants have been created to reduce manpower: the higher costs needed to both buy and maintain those fully automated plants are to be retrieved thanks to the cut in labour costs. This plan make sense in countries where manpower is very expensive, everywhere else it’s more logical to keep the initial capital expenditure as low as possible. Even more so where bank  rates are very high and wages are relatively low.

Cadonà block machines have been designed to target those needs. The production quality is as high as in bigger machines while installation and maintenance are much simpler so they can be made by local mechanics. The total cost of two machines is still lower than a big automatic one of comparable productivity and quality. And there’s no need for technical training: our machines can be operated by non-specialized personnel.

Other advantages of having two machines instead of one:

  • Smaller pallets are much easier to handle and move.
  • With a smaller mould size the cost of pallets and moulds is considerably lower so it is also much cheaper to offer a wide range of products for your customers.
  • When two identical machines use the same moulds, for the best selling products it’s possible to have two identical moulds at work simultaneously. Otherwise you can diversify.
  • More flexible production. If one machine is on halt for maintenance the other one will still work.
  • When the market request is low only one machine is working, lowering the cost.
  • The power consumption is optimized, the whole plant here presented needs about 50 Kw.


Scheme for plant with 2 machines - real output 10.000 blocks or 1.000 sm pavers per day




Accessories Moulds




Technical sheet



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